thinksound On2: These Headphones are Unreal!

When it comes to monitoring music, accurate sound production is extremely critical. Here is a review on a great sounding, great feeling pair, which in my opinion has lots of bang for the buck.

The thinksound On2 headphones arrived packaged neatly in a form fitting recycled corrugated cushioning within the box, and the included accessories were located underneath it. Included with the headphones were two cables, one with a smartphone remote and one without, and the construction of both cables is very good as they are both covered in a woven material and are Kevlar reinforced. Aside from the two cables, a nice white carry pouch with draw strings was also included.

Build quality of the headphones are what you would expect from an expensive pair. The speaker housing are made of natural wood and are finished in a nice varnish with the company name engraved on them. The ear pads feature a very comfortable memory foam padding which is covered in a leather like material. The headband is flexible and also covered in the leather like material, and is extendable up to approximately an inch on both sides.

Although I have owned a few pairs of on ear headphones, I am more of an around the ears headphones guy because they naturally don’t put any pressure on your ears, making long listening sessions comfortable. This pair didn’t give me this problem at all, probably due to the mixture of soft ear pads and a flexible headband. Another factor that makes these comfortable to wear is the fact that they are very light weight, something I don’t get from over ear headphones like the circumaural M50’s.

I tested the headphones both with a Fiio amp and without, and received great results with both. These headphones handled well with Yiruma’s River Flows in You in FLAC. Hearing the resonance of every press of the damper peddle is just the begining. Songs like Faded by Alan Walker were super crisp, and even bass heavy songs don’t dissapoint even the volume is maxed out. I didn’t experience any distortion in sound due to high volume levels from any of the high bitrate tracks I played.

It’s important to note that these headphones have little sound leakage, and the sound isolation is pretty solid for being passive headphones. In all, these headphones are my new favorites, as they pack in sound quality, build quality, and looks in one compact package!

These headphones can be found over here on Amazon:

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