This Dashcam Will Guard Your Rear Too!

Ever since dashcams  became popular, companies have been adding more and more features to them, making their functionality endless. This model has an interesting feature, in that it includes two cameras, one of which can be placed in the rear window of the car. This fills the void that a single camera system would leave. With a rear facing camera you can record footage of rear end accidents, which are ever so common, and you you can even document a road trip from another vantage point. Read on to hear what I think about this dashcam. Continue reading “This Dashcam Will Guard Your Rear Too!”

This Attachment Makes Your Rear View Mirror Smart

For years, car makers have been incorporating technology into the rear view mirror of vehicles, such as things like auto dim, a compass, On-Star, garage openers, and more. Now technology companies have taken this even further by incorporating cameras, android based entertainment centers and more, which add lots of functionality to an otherwise boring mirror. Read on to find out what I think about this Double Dashcam mirror attachment. Continue reading “This Attachment Makes Your Rear View Mirror Smart”

Opia2: A Blackbox for your Car

With the rate of traffic accidents climbing each year, along comes a higher chance of having one. Even the best of drivers get into accidents, albeit caused by the irresponsible driving habits of others. Recently there have been numerous cases of insurance fraud, where innocent drivers would suddenly be struck by a cyclist who’s motive was to collect insurance from the driver of the car. The only real way to prove your innocence in such cases is through video footage. Enter the dashcam.

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Great Dashcam with WiFi Streaming

 Traffic accidents are extremely prevalent in my neighborhood, it’s almost as if the drivers didn’t take a driving course. It’s no fun getting into an accident, especially when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. You say one thing, and the police report says something else. The only way to rest assured is to have a video recording of the situation. Read on to see what I think about the DDPai Mini 2 Dashcam.
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My Favorite Dashcam So Far!

Until recently, dashcams were primarily used in law enforcement vehicles as well as in taxis, but the are becoming more and more popular among the average driver due to their many benefits. Having a dashcam in the car gives me peace of mind, knowing that my drive is being recorded. They are very useful in traffic accidents, parking accidents, as well as insurance fraud, which is becoming very common these days. Here is a review on my current favorite dashcam.
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This Dashcam sports Hi Res Video and OTG Support

Dashcams used to to be very prevalent in Europe and Russia and not so much in the USA, but recently there has been a surge of dashcam users in the USA due to the many benefits it can bring. A dashcam gives me that added security while on the road, and not only can they record my trips for recreational purposes, but also in case of emergency. In some instances they can even bring down insurance rates and help save you from insurance fraud.

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Small But Powerful Dashcam

Having a dashcam in my windshield gives me peace of mind, as the footage it captures can be used for proof to insurance companies as well as in court. All it takes is one wrong move by another driver and your life can change drastically. Having a quality dashcam is important as you want the footage to actually be usable.
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