This Dashcam sports Hi Res Video and OTG Support

Dashcams used to to be very prevalent in Europe and Russia and not so much in the USA, but recently there has been a surge of dashcam users in the USA due to the many benefits it can bring. A dashcam gives me that added security while on the road, and not only can they record my trips for recreational purposes, but also in case of emergency. In some instances they can even bring down insurance rates and help save you from insurance fraud.

This review is on the PAPAGO GoSafe 535 Dashcam. This dashcam by Papago has a very minimalist design. It hides nicely behind my cars rear view mirror, and since I tucked away the wires, it is practically invisible from my passengers. To further conceal it, I hard wired it to the cars fuse panel with a fuse tap, this way I don’t have loose wires hanging around my car.
The package included the dashcam, an 8GB micro SD card, a 3M sticky mount, a suction cup mount, a very long Micro USB charging cable, and an OTG cable. The fact that two mounts were included is a great bonus, as I can use the sticky mount for my daily driver while using the suction mount for more temporary situations, like a rental car.
One of the great features I like about this unit is the ability to view and share recorded videos directly from my smartphone by plugging in the OTG cable. All that was needed to do this was download the “Papago Cam On” app from the Google Play Store, and I was set. This takes away the hassle of unmounting the camera and taking it into my home to my computer. I can now do it directly from my car.
The camera sports a very wide 160 degree angle lens, which picks up great footage from in front of my vehicle and a little to the sides. The quality of the video is great both during the day and night, thanks to it’s 1296P video sensor. The Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go Alerts, Headlight Reminder, and Driver Fatigue Alerts are all nice bonus features.
I received this dashcam at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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