I feel that many people out there are constantly washing and shining the exterior of their car, but when it comes to the interior, not much attention is paid. This is similar to washing the siding of ones house, but leaving the inside a mess. Due to the fact that I spend a large amount of every day in my car, it is of top priority to keep it clean. This makes sure it doesn’t smell, and prevents bugs from inhabiting. Without the proper equipment it can be hard to keep the car clean, as not everyone is able or even capable to drag their household vacuum to the car. This is where the car vacuum comes in.

This vacuum by Foseal included a brush and extension attachment, and interestingly enough two pairs of ear plugs. The unit is powered on by plugging the cord into the cigarette lighter jack in the car, and I suggest that the car be running because it outputs more power and won’t kill your battery.

The dirt that is picked up by the vacuum is sucked into a chamber which can be accessed by pressing the release button on top of the unit. inside the chamber is a little filter which can can be removed and cleaned. The extension attachment included makes it easier to get to hard to reach areas. I didn’t have great luck using the brush attachment on my cars carpet, as it would spring the little dirt particles into the air.

Overall the vacuum work pretty well. It does make lots of noise though when in use, but that is expected from such a small unit. Talking about small, this thing is tiny. In fact, it can fit in my glove compartment, and thanks to the included storage bag, the wire don’t get tangled all over the place. I would note though, that it was harder to pick up sand and other dirt particles from between the carpets fibers, but it picks up dust like dirt nicely. I guess this caveat is due to the fact that it only has a 75W motor.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thought on the product.

This product can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dyJLKm



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