This Backup Camera has Great Build Quality

While a lot of new cars include a built in backup camera, some cars require an aftermarket camera to be installed. An aftermarket camera system doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is a job any handy person can do himself. This camera is meant to be plugged into a car head unit, and in my case I was replacing an existing camera that wasn’t working properly. Read on to see what I think about this camera.

This backup camera kit by Tiker included the camera, a long power/video cable,  and a drill bit. The drill bit was included because this particular model is meant to be installed flush with the car, rather than be mounted outside the car on a bracket. This makes the camera look more OEM and doesn’t attract attention. I really like the fact that the included video wire has an integrated power wire because this means I only have to route one wire to the front of the car, as opposed to two.

Build quality of this camera is excellent. The cameras body is entirely metal, and is painted black. Along the barrel of the camera are little metal prongs that when inserted into the drilled hole, holds the camera in place. All around the lens of the camera are 8 white LED lights, which light up when the camera is powered on. This helps illuminate the ground at the rear of the car at night.

The lens on the camera is 170 degrees wide, which gives a pretty nice wide angle view of the rear.  I chose the model without guidelines, but the same camera is also available with backup guidelines. The camera produces very clear video for a camera of this price. Obviously, if the camera is plugged into a 50 inch screen the video will look like garbage, but the camera is meant to be plugged into a small head unit screen, and it looks great on my 7 inch screen.

This backup camera can be found over here on Amazon:


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