This Attachment Makes Your Rear View Mirror Smart

For years, car makers have been incorporating technology into the rear view mirror of vehicles, such as things like auto dim, a compass, On-Star, garage openers, and more. Now technology companies have taken this even further by incorporating cameras, android based entertainment centers and more, which add lots of functionality to an otherwise boring mirror. Read on to find out what I think about this Double Dashcam mirror attachment.

This dashcam kit by KDLINKS is unique in it’s own way, in that it doesn’t mount like a traditional dashcam. This dashcam mounts by being attached on top of the existing rear view mirror in a very inconspicuous and neat way. The dashcam included a few accessories, such as a rear camera, rear camera cable, car charger, a 16GB micro SD card, mini USB cable, 4 rubber mounting straps, and a micro SD card reader.

As for build quality, the mirror seems solidly built, with nice aesthetics. The mirror itself is tinted blue which makes it anti reflective at night, and helps prevent the blinding of a cars in the rears headlights. On the right side of the mirror is a 5 inch screen which displays the cameras footage, menus and other options. At the top of the unit are inputs for the USB power cord, rear camera, and a micro SD card slot. At the base of the unit is are power, menu, up, down, and OK buttons. These buttons allow for easy navigating of the systems menu.

Installation is pretty simple. The dashcam mirror mounts directly on top of the existing rear view mirror using the rubber straps included in the package, by attaching on end to a hook on the mirror, bringing it around the cars existing mirror and into a hook on the bottom of the mirror. The rubber straps stretch and give a nice snug fit around the mirror. My cars mirror is pretty thick as it has integrated auto dim and garage opener buttons, but the straps were able to still fit around it with stretching. Just note that if your existing mirror has buttons on it, they  will probably be blocked by this mirror attachment.

All that was needed to do next was attach the rear camera to the rear window of the car using the included 3M tape and angle it in position. I ran the wire of the back camera to the front of the vehicle through the roof of my car, as it was easy to pull it down a drop because it is mostly held on with heavy duty Velcro. I used a metal clothes hanger to fish the wire through, and it facilitated the process. The cable for the rear view camera has a wire coming out of it at the camera end and it is labeled “BACK”, and I confirmed that if this wire is connected to the cars reverse signal, the screen on the mirror would act like a backup camera, which is a pretty neat feature to have been included being that the functionality is already there, however I did not yet test the functionality.

When it comes to connecting dash cams to the cars power, I prefer not to use the cigarette lighter option as it leaves me with a mess of wires and takes away from the sleek look of the camera. What I do instead is wire it directly to the in-car fuse box which is usually located under the drivers side dash, using a fuse tap. This gives me the option to wire the camera to be always on even when the car is off, or to have the camera turn on and off automatically with the car, depending on which fuse it is tapped to.

As for video quality, the camera records up to 1296P for the front camera, and 1080P for the rear camera. I find the video really clear during the day, and pretty good at night. During the day it is possible to read license plates at lower speeds, but at night it is a little harder because of the glare of oncoming headlights. To me catching every license plate isn’t a deal breaker, as my primary use of the dashcam is to record the basic activity on the road, to prevent from potential falsely accused traffic infringements or accidents, and this camera excels at that.

There are many features and options that this camera which are available to be set in the menu. Firstly, the integrated parking mode is pretty nice, since it automatically starts recording if it detects movement in the car. This feature only works if the camera is wired to remain on even while the car is off. I also like the setting which allows the screen to be turned off automatically after several seconds, as it can be a distraction at night. The camera also has a setting which can warn you when you get too close to an object, i.e. a car, in front of you, and it even displays the distance on screen. I felt that was quite neat.

In all, I think this is a very capable dashcam that can be mounted without blocking view of the windshield, and it’s capability to record HD footage from both the front and rear of the car make it a winner.

This reverse mirror backup camera can be found over here on Amazon:



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