Recently, most car manufacturers started installing backup cameras in pretty much every car given that it has become a necessity. Backup cameras provide an additional step of safety to vehicles, by allowing the driver a better view of the rear of the vehicle. This not only helps drivers back into parking spots and garages, but helps for the safety of others who may be walking behind the car or truck, out of the drivers view.

This review is on the Esky EC170-40 4 Led Night Vision Reverse Camera. This backup camera by Esky is meant to be hooked up to a monitor in the car. Lots of aftermarket car stereo systems include a Video In jack, which is usually meant for a backup camera. External LCD displays are also available to view the backup camera footage.

This camera is very flexible being that there are two ways to mount it. It can be mounted using the license plate bolts, or it can be mounted more discreetly by screwing the little included mount to the car. I personally prefer the latter, as it is more flush looking and doesn’t look as aftermarket.

Wiring the device is simple too, but it may take some time to fish the wires all the way through the car to the dash. You can buy a wireless receiver to plug in to the device, but I prefer to wire it directly. There are two wires included in the package. The yellow one is the video feed, which gets connected to your monitor or head unit, and the black and red one is the power cord, which should be tapped into the cars reverse light wiring.

For me, I was able to tap into the reverse light wiring right in the trunk, but the video wire had to be fished through the car to the front. I did this by passing the wire through the trunk into the car behind and under the rear seats, and then under the carpet, under the center console, directly to the head unit.

The video produced from the camera is nice and clear, and the four LED lights make seeing at night a lot easier. Just note that the LED lights turn on during the day too, but that doesn’t bother me. The camera has a pretty wide 170 degree field of view, which makes seeing to the sides of the car easy. On the wire of the camera is a little button, which when pressed can turn on/off the parking guides, as well  as change the video from PAL to NTSC.

I received this backup camera at a discounted rate in exchange of my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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