Until recently, dashcams were primarily used in law enforcement vehicles as well as in taxis, but the are becoming more and more popular among the average driver due to their many benefits. Having a dashcam in the car gives me peace of mind, knowing that my drive is being recorded. They are very useful in traffic accidents, parking accidents, as well as insurance fraud, which is becoming very common these days. Here is a review on my current favorite dashcam.

This dashcam by DDPAI came packaged in a very attractive metallic colored box, with multiple internal boxes holding different parts and accessories. The camera included a magnetic mount, a 3M sticky pad, a long micro USB cable, several clips to hold the cable, a remote, and a dual car charger. 

The dashcam itself is very modern looking, with it’s metallic dark gray coloring and curved design. At the front is the 140 degree lens, surrounded by a red accent ring. At the top of the unit are 3 LEDs which indicate if the unit is powered on, connected to GPS, and recording. At the rear of the camera is a Micro SD slot, which is covered by a little flap. At the bottom of the device is the magnetic mount, which connects to the window mount.

Installing the camera is pretty simple. The magnetic camera mount is affixed to a small bracket, which is stuck to the window with 3M tape. This design allows the mount to be removed from the window at ones will. The camera snaps to the mount via a magnet, which in my opinion is a great idea, because there are some times when you don’t want to leave the camera in the car while parked and this makes it very easy to remove and hide.

The Micro USB cord plugs into the rear of the mount, and can be mounted to the car using the included little clips. I chose to just hide the wire by pushing it into the head liner of the car, down the drivers side window pillar, into my fuse box, where I wired it to the car using a fuse tap and 5V converter. I find that this method keeps everything clean, and also frees up the cigarette lighter port.

What keeps this dashcam on the smaller side is it’s lack of a screen. Thanks to to built in WiFi, all the cameras settings as well as it’s videos can be accessed on my smartphone. I downloaded the “DDpai” app from the app store, and connected my to the camera using the code “1234567890” when prompted.

From the app, I was able to view the recorded videos, as well as save them to my phone wirelessly, and take snapshots from them. A live feed from the camera, as well as a KM/H speedometer are also viewable from the app, which helped me properly position the camera in the car. Thanks to built in GPS, the camera lets me view my recordings on a map.

In the settings menu I was able to adjust things to my liking, such as turning off the welcome sound which play when turning on the device, change the video format, and changing the units password so passers by can’t view or delete my footage.

As for video quality, I find that the camera produces excellent videos, both day and night. I was also impressed at the fact that the contrast of the video is very good, even when driving from dark to light places, which is a common problem in other dashcams. The camera records clear sound as well, and the feature can be turned off in the settings menu. At the bottom of the recorded videos is a time stamp which displays the current driving time and speed of the vehicle.

Included in the package was a small wireless button, which can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. Pressing the button allows me to quickly record a ten second clip at my will. I feel this is a handy feature that I haven’t yet seen in other dashcams.

I received this dashcam at a discounted rate in exchange for my review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This dashcam can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2bFdY9B




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