Having my phone mounted to my dash at an angle that gives me clear visibility of my phone screen and windshield, is imperative to me as it provides me convenience and safety. It gives me peace of mind as well when lending out my car, knowing that the driver will have a place to put their phone as apposed to them holding it while driving.

This review is on the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount. This car phone mount is a very sleekly designed holder, and it’s one touch design makes it so easy to use. Assembling the unit was very easy with no tools required. All I had to do was unscrew the thumb screw at the rear of the phone holder, and place the ball of the base into it, and tighten. I usually can’t mount phone stands to my dashboard as it is an uneven surface and slightly curved, but I didn’t have a problem with this stand as it has a sticky gel pad suction cup, which enhances the grip.

The stand can be angled in many ways thanks to it’s height adjustment knob and ball joint pivoting head. The arm of the mount can be extended up to 8 inches, which gives me better visibility, and is especially good when viewing maps. Attaching my phone to the stand is so effortless as all I got to do is press my phone against the stand, which triggers a button, and my phone gets gripped from both sides. To release my phone I just press the two tabs at either side, and my phone is free. At the bottom of the stand are two movable tabs that enable me to plug my phone in while in the mount.

I received this phone mount in exchange for my unbiased review, and I would recommend it to those in the market for one.

This phone mount can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1pqNQ4b




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