Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with fog lights. Fog lights are important for driving in poor conditions such as rain snow and fog, as they fill in the foreground that headlights don’t light up. When used together with headlights in poor visibility, they can help show the driver the road edges, lane markings. This review is on a quality set of LED fog lights that not only perform very well, but also match the color of my cars HID’s much better than halogen lights.

This review is on the Boltlink 55w LED Fog Light Bulbs Kit. These LED Fog Lights came neatly packed in laser cut foam in a cardboard box. When dealing with LED lights, the standard way to measure light output is by lumens, and not by watts like halogen bulbs are measured. The two lights have an output of 2200 lumens and are very bright. These bulbs are rated at 6,500 kelvin and produce a nice white color with a very slight blue tinge.

Included in the package was a sheet of colored stickers which can be used to change the color of the light emitted, however I didn’t use them as I like the stock color of the bulb. The light can be changed to different hues of blue or yellow simply by sticking the plastic stickers to the glass of the bulb. Some say that a yellow hue makes visibility in fog better.

The difficulty level of installing the light bulbs will be different in every car, but installing them in my 2007 Nissan Maxima was fairly easy. First, I turned the steering wheel to the opposite side that I was working on, this gave me ample room in the wheel well. Next, I pulled back the plastic protector in the wheel well by removing some of the plastic pegs that hold it in place. There were also a few screw holding it in place under the bumper. From there I was able to see the existing fog lights. I grabbed the fog light and turned it counter clockwise (I think) and disconnected the cable. After inserting the new LED bulb, I replaced the wheel well and proceeded to do the next side.

The bulbs fit into place perfectly even with their larger ballast, and the difference in light output and color was tremendous. I received these light bulbs at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

These LED fog lights can be found over here on Amazon:



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