Good Value 48V Phantom Power Supply

Phantom power supplies are used to provide ample power to a microphone, usually a condensor mic. These mics won’t sound good without phantom power, and are simply unusable without phantom power. Just note, that most dynamic mics like the famous Shure SM58 or Blue enCore series mics don’t need phantom power to operate.

This review is on the Ohuhu 1- Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply. I received this phantom power unit from Ohuhu for my review, and in the box came the phantom power supply, an 18V power adapter and an eight foot XLR cable. The XLR cable was a nice bonus, and I can always use an extra one around the studio.

The build quality of the unit is superb, being that it is constructed almost entirely of metal. The phantom power supply is not heavy and has a very little footprint on my desk, yet it remains in place on my desk thanks to it’s four foam feet.

At the front of the power supply is a power status LED and a power button. At the rear of the unit are input and output XLR ports as well as a port for the power adapter. The XLR ports are made by Neutrik, which makes quality ports, and they grasp my XLR cords very well.

When using the phantom power, it is always best to plug in your mic first, and then power it on. This unit can be used when connecting a condenser mic directly to a computers sound card, or when connecting to a mixer with no built in phantom power.

This phantom power supply can be found over here on Amazon:




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