Esky POS-5870 High-speed 58mm USB Receipt Thermal Printer

This review is on the Esky POS-5870 58mm USB Printer.

I was sent this unit at a discounted price in exchange for a review. I find that this is a great budget printer and it works as it is supposed to. Read on to find out what I liked about this printer.

It has some nice features that I like:
* It is a thermal printer, meaning that it doesn’t need ink cartridges or ribbons, which is highly economical compared to other types of printers which need costly cartridge replacements.
* The printer supports cash drawer opening and other POS commands, so I was able to use it with my POS software without a glitch.
* In the receipts I printed, it printed fast and the quality was pretty high considering the price of this printer; even a company logo came out nice. The printer uses standard 58mm thermal paper which is easily found on Amazon.

I am currently using the printer on a computer running Windows 10. The installer on the CD gave me an error, maybe because there is no option for Windows 10 on the CD; it only goes up to Windows 8. In order to get the printer installed, I put in the CD plugged in the printer via USB, and had to do the following:
1. Open “Control Panel”
2. Click “Devices and Printers”
3. Click “Add a Printer”
4. Click “The Printer Wasn’t Listed”
5. Click “Add a Local Printer with Manual Settings”
6. Click “Use an Existing Port” and select “USB” from the list
7. Next, click “Have Disk”
8. Click “Browse” and look for your CD drive and click the folder “Install the Driver Manually”
9. Click the folder “POS58_EN”
10. Click the file “NewPOS58.inf”
11. Finish the installer and the printer should be installed properly.

Overall I am happy with this printer and would recommend it to those in the market for a budget printer.

This Printer can be found on Amazon here:

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